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2018 Latest News

We highly valued the large area of Sago trees in Papua. Due to the long time of growth, the skin and fibre of the Sago plant are thick and it is a challenge to be processed.

Based on the on-site experience, we have newly invented a set of machines which are suitable and specific to process Sago plants in Papua.

  1. Peeler (The peeled Sago skin thickness is averaged)
  2. Chopper machine (Equipped with the fastest shredder)
  3. Filter (Single process, the slag and powder are separated thru one timed filter)
  4. The filter and Powder collector. (The powdered water that has been circulated is already 50% clean.)

“Three-storey Papua Sago Factory” has been invented using the gravity principle. The new designed factory can be operated without water pump. With lesser machinery and water used in the process, this will become an energy-saving plant that can also reduce cost of labor and resources significantly; at the same time, increase the production. This is to say with lesser investment cost involved, we will be able to design you an energy-saving plant and increase the production capability as compared to the standard design plant. Kato Sago is aimed to make a difference for you and the earth!

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